IRFD-East Asia Network

UN NGO Policy Series No.1


Taiwan, East Asia and Copenhagen Commitment

Edited by

Lee-in Chen Chiu


Foreword     Chao-Cheng Mai


Foreword     Neville Arachchige Don


Foreword     Rong-I Wu


About the Contributors


1.      Taiwan's Perspective with Regard to Social Development: An Introduction by Lee-in Chen Chiu


I.   Economic and Social Consequences of East Asian Financial Crisis


2.      Global Governance, Financial Architecture and Economic and Social Development by Rong-I Wu


3.      Asian Financial Crisis: South Korea's Experiences

   by Sang Yong Park


4.      Economic Consequences of the Asian Financial Crisis, Post-crisis Challenges and Responsibilities of Central Banks by  Khee Giap Tan


5.   Riding the Wave of the Asian Financial Crisis: Taiwan's Lessons for Emerging Economies by Ya-Hwei Yang


II. Social Welfare Policy in Taiwan: Implications for the Copenhagen Commitment


6.      Health Care System in a Transitional Society: A Taiwan Experience by Ming-Liang Lee


7.      Societal Factors—A Paradise Lost in the Health Care Policy Process in Taiwan by Michael S. Chen


8.      Poverty and Policy: The Phenomenon of Taiwan’s Rapid Economic Development by Chien-Liang Chen


9.      Who Is My Neighbor? Rights to Welfare of the Disadvantaged in Taiwan by Hon-Yei Annie Yu


10.   Capability, Social Welfare, and Life Expectancy: Evidence from Taiwan by Chu-Chia Lin and Chen-Yuan Deng


11.   Searching for Welfare Model(s): Taiwan's Social Welfare Policy in the Millennium by Hsiao-Hung Nancy Chen


III. NGO Development and Practice in Taiwan


12.   Taiwan's Economic and NGO Social Services Network in the Asia-Pacific Region by Lee-in Chen Chiu


13.        Local and International Aspects of Tzu chi Foundation by Ming -Liang Lee, Yahwei L. Lee and William Keh


14.        The Role of Government and Civilian Assistance in Providing Urgently Needed Social Services and Redevelopment Work in Emergency Situations - The Case of the Recent Earthquake in Taiwan by Lung-Sheng Chang