Taiwan NGO Professionalization Watch

Background, Initiative and Acknowledgements

The Chung-hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) is the leading economic think-tank in Taiwan (ROC). For twenty-one years, the institute has been establishing a reputation as a supra-party, independent and professional organization with, nonetheless, an indispensable policy influential, non-governmental organization (NGO). This is based on the pride and effort placed into the work of almost one hundred researchers, most of whom have PhD degrees from prominent universities around the world. These researchers have devoted themselves to the study of Taiwan's financial, economic, environmental and social development, and have also, for many years, provided back-up for the government through academic and professional exchange programs with the NBER, OECD, WTO and APEC. The CIER's professional engagement expanded, in 1998, to include the NGO community of the United Nations.

The International Research Foundation for Development (IRFD) was the major channel which opened up the door for Taiwan to participate in UN NGO affairs and UN summit-related events in various professional fields. There is, however, growing consensus, from bottom to top, that before Taiwan gains full membership to the UN, the island's civil society should devote itself to participating in professional activities within the UN. This website has therefore been established as a means of transferring our experiences to other NGOs, scholars and scientific communities who may have an interest in joining us, or who are seeking to establish their own connections within the UN NGO community.

There are two people who have been prominent in authorizing the establishment of this meaningful website. The first is Dr. Neville Arachchige Don, the President and Executive Officer of the IRFD, and the second is Dr. Chao-Cheng Mai, the former President of the CIER. Without their agreement, the information provided through this website would not have been made available for general release, and without their encouragement, the IRFD-East Asia Network would not have achieved such professional recognition. I also owe much to those East Asia Network members who have devoted their time and energy towards their academic endeavors and towards standing up for world peace and justice.

Lee-in Chen Chiu
East Asia Network Coordinator, IRFD
Research Fellow & CKO, CIER

For further information, please contact leein@mail.cier.edu.tw