Tsung-Hsiu Tsai


Assistant Professor,

National University of Kaohsiung

TEL: 886-7-5919190

Fax: 886-7--5919315

E-MAIL: thtsai@nuk.edu.tw



Ph.D.         University of Wisconsin-Madison                                    1998

                Agricultural and Applied Economics

      M.A.          University of Wisconsin-Madison                       1995

                Agricultural and Applied Economics

B.A.           National Taiwan University                                              1990




2000-                         Assistant Professor, National University of Kaohsiung, Department of Applied Economics

1999.3-           Post-Doctorate Researcher, University of California-Berkeley,

1999.8             Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

1994-1998       Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

                        Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics




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