Curriculum Vitae

(as at March 2, 2002)


Name:                 Shii OKUNO

Nationality:              Japanese

Date of Birth:           March 19, 1953

Permanent Address 4-5-15 Hishiyanishi, Higashi-Osaka City, Japan 577-0807


Affiliation:               Faculty of Information Science

                                      University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

                           Kobe, Japan 651-2188.

                   Tel/Fax +81(0)78-796-4131

Title:                            Professor

Courses:                     Economic geography, local economic development

Research topics:         Information development and society, recycling and community development, industrial cluster development and planning


Academic and Work Experiences

August 1975    Bachelor of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

May 1977         Master of Science, Community and Regional Planning, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok with support from the Canadian Government

August 1977     Project Officer, Secretary to Urban Problems Committee, Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Later served as research officer in research on social welfare service planning.

April 1980    Research student at Osaka City University with support from Japan Government Scholarship

April 1981       Registered at Doctoral Course at Geography department, Faculty of Letters, Osaka City University

March 1984  Full Credits for the doctoral course obtained

April 1984-90    Part-time lecturer at the Bukkyo University, Kyoto

April 1990     Full-time Lecturer at Tokuyama University, Yamaguchi prefecture

April 1993      Promoted to Associate Professor

April 1998      Full Professor

April 2000 Professor, Faculty of Information Science, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Kobe. Till now.