Isagani R. Serrano is the Senior Vice President of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) and works on development policy and advocacy. He became a Trustee of PRRM in 1999.

He joined PRRM in 1986. Since then he has played a key role in revisioning PRRM’s mission, philosophy and practice and in raising the profile of PRRM in local and international development circles through his writings and representation. He was among the founders of major coalitions like the Congress for a People's Agrarian Reform, Freedom from Debt Coalition, Green Forum Philippines, Philippine Greens, CONVERGENCE, and the Conference Against Poverty. He has been involved in international campaigns around environment, development and rights and governance issues. He had participated in the cycle of UN Summits in the 1990s---from Rio (1992 Earth Summit) to Cairo (1994 population summit), Copenhagen (1995 Social Summit), Istanbul (1996 Habitat II), Rome (1996 World Food Summit), and Hamburg (1997 summit on education/lifelong learning). He has been and continues to be involved in campaigns for the reform of the World Bank, the ADB and the UN system. He is presently an active member of the NGO Forum on the ADB and the NGO lobby network on the World Bank. Since 1993 he has been associated with CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation) through his writings and participation in three world assemblies in Mexico City (1995), Budapest (1997) and Manila (1999).

His writings include Civil Society in the Asia-Pacific Region (CIVICUS, 1994), a collection of essays on environment and development, Pay Now, Not Later (1994), On Civil Society (1993), and a poetry collection, Firetree (1985). He contributed two chapters in the CIVICUS book CITIZENS (1995) and a chapter in the new CIVICUS book, Civil Society at the Millenium.  He chaired  the committee that drafted the Global Citizens’ Commitment for the 3rd World Assembly of CIVICUS in September 1999 in Manila.  He also co-authored Bataan: A Case of Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Development in the Philipppines (1991).

He got his MSc EE/DE  (Master of Science in Environment & Development Education) from South Bank University London.  His was formally trained in education, community organization and development management.

A social activist from the 1960s, he was associated with the Student Christian Movement, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and other progressive organizations. From 1968 to 1986, he was involved in different social movements.  He was twice imprisoned for a total of seven years during martial law.

Gani, as called by friends, was born on 1 March 1947 in Bataan and has two children by first marriage.


October 2000